About Smart Rintu

  • SmartRintu.com is a free website designed and maintained by Rintu Das. here you can find many types of Tips & Tricks, Software, Games, Android Tools, PC Tools, Life hacks etc. that help you to learn anything on internet. My YouTube channel is Smart Rintu and there you can also find many types of tips and tricks, hacks, tutorials, software solution etc.

About Me

  • Hello my name is Rintu Das and I’m the CEO and Editor of SmartRintu.com. Basically I’m a student and run a YouTube channel named Smart Rintu. My hobby is Technology, Blogging, Software developing, Webdesign etc. The website SmartRintu.com is a medium to share my knowledge and creativity with all over the world. I believe that everybody in this planet have some creativity, they just need to enhance and know more about them and they can do everything.