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Mega Clock ● Launcher ● Weather ● Cleaner memory v5.9.3 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Attention!
▫ Immediately after installing the app, be sure to update the fonts through the app menu “Check for updates”.



▫ Immediately after installing the app, be sure to update the fonts through the app menu “Check for updates”.
▫ If after the first start on Android 6+ the clock is not displayed, switch the permission (off/on) “Display over other apps” in the system settings.

Multifunctional digital clock, Launcher, Weather forecast and Memory clearing always on top of all apps + monitoring main parameters of device.

Ideal when using full-screen applications such as games, DVRs, navigators, streaming media (online broadcast to social networks YouTube or Instagram), watching TV or video content (also on Android TV, satellite receivers, media players and TV set-top boxes on Android), etc., as well as for people with reduced vision.

– Drag the Clock to a convenient place on the screen of your device.
– You can choose font, adjust font size, color, background color, transparency and so on.
– Use 35 built-in fonts, install more than 160 additional fonts, or add your own fonts.
– You can choose a different time zone by GMT.
– Add to the Clock Seconds, Current date, Weather forecast, Battery level and temperature monitoring, Charging / Consumption current, CPU usage monitoring and Free memory.
– You can enable and disable all parameters individually.
– Select any location and hourly forecast to display the weather.
– The application will warn you about the discharge or overheating of the battery by changing the font color or vibrating.
– Adjust the interval show of the clock on the screen.
– You can also keep the screen turned on until the clock on the screen.
– The Clock can be displayed automatically when you start any full-screen applications.
– And also, the clock can be automatically displayed when start any your selected application.
– Constant status bar notification to allow the right time to show and hide the Clock, for example, before launching a full-screen application.
– The “Launcher” function is a multiple launch of the your selected apps at any time and on top of all apps and windows.
Also, it is possible to use only “Launcher” function without a clock.
– Use the built-in “Clear memory” function if necessary.

The Mega Clock app supports automation with intents, e.g., such as Tasker.
Export / Import of settings and Start / Stop clock are supported.
Detailed description of all functions in the application.

This demo version allows you to fully evaluate the app. Later you can pay it via Google Play or in a convenient way and get the Pro version.
Registered users of the Megacombine app have a Mega Clock Bonus license.

Permission Notice
– Contacts: Can be requested only to verify the Bonus license and the Pro version purchased by the second method.
– Storage: Needed to access the internal memory to save your settings and use your fonts in an application.
– Location: Can be requested when the “Show weather” option is enabled and “Location weather” – Current.
This permission is optional and can be turned off immediately, the weather forecast will work. (Read more in the app help.)

What’s New

● Added option Location weather.
● Minor bugfixes and improvements.
● Optimization of the application.
Read more in the app help.

★★★ MOD ★★★

Languages: en, ru

Received pro, unlocked pro functionality

Optimized application manifest for better performance

Deeply optimized application graphics

Update request blocked

Removed trash (threats, licenses)

Hidden extra items in the menu (share, update, etc.)

Modification is untied from Google Services

Signature changed

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: credit Alex.Ognev

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